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Electric Vehicles will save the world and has nothing to do with climate!

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what does the future look like? The future is an electric vehicle solar energy world so next we have to have to decide on how we are getting there. At Go Star Energy we are here to promote electric vehicles and solar energy, we believe that there is only one way to promote this better future for the consumer for the world is to get more people in electric vehicles, if you buy an EV want you think about having PV on your roof. The great thing about this new energy revolution as it takes power away from the big oil businesses from crazy dictators that live in the Middle East and including our own government brings more freedom to the liberty minded people of the world.

We are a business that promotes EV and PV not because they are Green but because they are better.  Join the free and open Google group Solar Energy buyers Club



  • Get Solar panels for .58 cents a watt
  • Find a community of like minded people
  • Go to solar installers with the power of group buying
  • Offset your Electric Vehicle with Solar Panels
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